beena pradhan
Art in color on canvas
22 Nov

Art in color on canvas


Turning time - hope over despair

acrylic on canvas  58"x16" x 2 , year 2016

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. " - Winston Churchill

There has been a remarkable shift in the area of choice and use of colors over the past year which lead to the creation of my new series Equal color. Glibly speaking, my work has become more colorful, still maintaining  a high contrasting combination of blues, greens and reds, and occasional brighter hues of yellow and orange. Over time my colors appear as more fully saturated,and being flat, their occupancies of definite areas of pictoral space have become something of consequence. In my present set of paintings, the flat-color arears, of the pictorial space are showing a tendency to dominate ignoring the bounds of space-image divides, and become autonomous. This particular tendency to shift further has taken my work on to the level of abstract expressionism.


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