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How To Develop Your Own Art Style?
08 Jun

How To Develop Your Own Art Style?

Before you proceed with the task of hunting down your very own signature style of art, you need to comprehend one thing clearly that it does not have to be something overwhelming or extremely complicated. In addition to that, never think that it would take you months or years for figuring out your ideal style. The whole thing is supposed to be a creative endeavour, so get results without allowing yourself to be tangled by extensive loops of trial-and-error.
Here are some effective steps that you can follow in order to find your own unique art style:
Choose Three Art Styles or Artists Resonating Emotionally With You
The first thing that you have to do is pick three different art styles, objects or professionals whom you really like. You can even choose 3D styles such as toys, dolls or sculptures. However, it is important that you keep two of your selections artists or 2D styles, at the least. The artists of your choice must not have styles that are distinctly similar to one another. However, make sure to choose what you really love and admire, and not just anything that seems very sophisticated or ornate.
Pick An Image Representing Your Choices
This one can be a bit difficult for you, as you have to choose images that represent the choices you made in the first step. And there would be plenty of options available out there for you. So find a specific picture for each of your selections - take your time and pick images that you would love to have in your house as valuable pieces of art.
Examine The Images
When you are done choosing the images which reflect your choices in step one, examine those pictures very meticulously and note down whatever you conclude from your observations. Every image would have a single primary artistic element which makes it amazing. Your job is to find and analyse it properly. Don’t keep your documentations too short - try to inscribe at least a paragraph or more for each picture.
Mix All The Primary Elements & Use Them In Your Next Artwork
Once you have found out as well as analysed the major element in all of the pictures, combine them into a drawing of your own. The subject you choose to work on should be something you enjoy exploring.
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