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Painting in monochrome
04 Jan

Painting in monochrome


Miles to go......self portrait

Acrylic on canvas 50"x40"

I toyed with the idea of doing a self portrait for a long time, the reason being I wanted to express myself as an artist and to show progress through my art. I also wanted to add elements of interest and yet not take away from the portrait. 

On an impulse I picked up an old canvas which had ample amount of vermillion on it and decided to go the opposite way - monochrome in shades of grey. I painted in gusto and achieved the right expression of curiosity leaving parts of the old painting for the touch of color, added my tools a means to an end and the roadway map to depict the journey I am taking and the many miles I have to go..

This painting is used in part on the Home page of my website.


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