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Contemporary Indian art
19 Nov

Contemporary Indian art


Raw Strokes - a crimson amalgamation 

Acrylic on acid free paper  12"x16" x 2 , year 2009

This painting of mine best describes contemporary Indian art according to me, it is representation of a man and woman's union crossing the boundary of color, wherein any color could represent a skintone and bold strokes to give a minimalistic & artistic form. This transtion happened for me after a decade of painting. This painting was a part of my 5th solo show 'Rangeen' at the Birla Academy of art & culture, Kolkata and I had the good fortune of having Eminent artist Jogen Chowdhury visit my show and this is what he had to say:

"There is an enigmatic aura in her forms and she has broken out of her previous mould towards a more mysterious imagery. She has experimented with color and expressiveness and there is a definite search in a serious vein to create new avenues which we expect from her in future."


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