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Museo Picasso and Sagrada Familia , Barcelona - An Inspiration
06 Sep

Museo Picasso and Sagrada Familia , Barcelona - An Inspiration


My New series - EQUAL COLOR

Faceted findings - two sides of a coin 

Acrylic on canvas 16" x 25"

I had the good fortune of visiting the above two places while on holiday earlier this year. It was a learning and enriching experience.

At the Picasso museum which showcased his work right through his lifetime, I made an interesting observation -  the preperatory work that the great master did for each of his paintings in terms of sketches and small paintings. His version of Les Meninas is a series of 58 paintings which reinterprets and recreates the original by artist Deigo Velazquez.  I applied this principle to my new series Equal Color as well and worked on the drawings in pastel before acrylic on canvases. 

La Sagrada Familia is Antonio Gaudi's crowning achievement. This fine piece of architecture was a great inspiration depicting nature's forms and a wide spectrum of color.


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