beena pradhan
Music and Art
07 Nov

Music and Art


Muse & Music - the co-conspirators of music 

Acrylic on canvas    60"x50"

Music is an art form that plays a significant role in the creations of an artist and I am no exception. I love music in any form be it instrumental or vocal, classical or otherwise, indian or western and my love for it extends to my learning to play the piano. I also like to bring this mood of music into my canvas, using the gramaphone as the source of interest. For this painting I used the image of the gramaphone which I had seen in one of the shops selling vintage goods and created an atmosphere of the muse being engrossed in the music pouring out of the gramaphone and the male holding tune. The color vermillion signifies passion, broken with white to given another dimension and a sense of space. 

This painting would make a statement anywhere!!!


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