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Oil on canvas - Acrylic on canvas
11 Sep

Oil on canvas - Acrylic on canvas


Exhibition of paintings at the Habitat Center, New Delhi


This exhibition with a friend at the Habitat Centre was a turning point in my career, way back in the year 2002. I had moved from watercolor to oil on canvas as I wanted to paint a larger space. This transition was great as I had learnt to bring to life larger works and was greatly influenced by the Impressionists. 

I exhibited 50 painting at the Habitat Center, did not manage to sell any of them and packed them back to Calcutta. I managed to get them after a good month as they were stuck at the West Bengal border ( reason being you need some special document to get your stuff back into the state). On opening up the paintings I found most of them to my horror to be covered in fungus. This happens because of the humidity. 

I destroyed all of them!! And that was my journey into a different medium - acrylic on canvas, a bit tricky in the begining but I managed to teach myself to use this medium and have been using acrylic ever since.


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